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New last offers a moderate (slightly tapered) internal toe shape. Low crown and sculpted arch with narrow and enhanced heel curve. Skived leather board shanks provide maximum flexibility at the ball of the foot and conform to the arch. 

Other features and benefits:

- low wamp, slight U shape throat with low side and heel measurements; bias side seam, elasticised binding with elastic drawstring

- plush, rose-coloured, anti-slip interior lining

- stitched platform construction

- feathered full wing-box for lateral support with high and wide platform

- slightly rounded edge at base of platform to roll up to and down from pointe

- shank wrapped with anti slip material; reduced sole length  eliminates excess at the heel

- thin leather sole allows for greater contact with the floor surface

- scored ribbon motif on the outsole aids with traction

Best fit for medium to wide forefoot with tapered toes. 

*Pointe shoe fitting highly recommended.

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