Loyalty Programme

Being a member of our Dance School’s Loyalty Programme with us means that we can regularly stock all your preferred uniform items and can offer teachers and students at your school/company a discount on all of our products.   We can also create a special catalog on our website just for your school which shows the items required by grade or class – thus helping your students and their parents know exactly what they need.  All we ask for in return is that you make all members of your dance school aware of us, by handing out our discount business cards and giving us a ‘preferred supplier’ link to us on your website too if possible.  We are currently proud stockists of BLOCH, Capezio, Grishko, Tappers & Pointers, Pineapple, Freed of London, ISTD, Roch Valley; so we will easily be able to stock all of your schools’ uniform. 


It works like this:

1.         If your school provides us with an up to date school ‘uniform list’ for all dance genres and all ages we can make sure we regularly stock these items, making it easy for your students to come in and purchase anything they need for dance.

2.         We will provide you with a box of discounts cards to give out to your students offering them a discount on everything they buy in our shop and on our online store.  This discount isn’t restricted to just their school uniform, it encompasses anything they buy in store or online.

3.         We will also send teachers’ discount cards  – we make these individually, so you just need to confirm the names of your colleagues in your school.

4.         We can undertake special commissions (such as your schools’ branded items i.e. bags, t-shirts, water bottles etc.) for/from your school and will help you source anything you or your students need for dance, for both practice and performance.

5.         We can now offer to bring to you a special fitting service 2-3 times a year (as you need) so that it’s really convenient for your students, parents and all teachers, and  you know that your students are all getting their outfit fitted properly. 


We truly believe that our Dance School Loyalty Scheme would be beneficial both for your school and for us as it will make buying appropriate dancewear and equipment more convenient for you and your students, and we can get to know you better and thus offer a better service to our local dance community.


If you would like to meet with a member of our team to talk about this further and discuss any possible new options then please do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call at 01223 322227 or send us an email at to get things moving faster.